We are NOMU, translated from Japanese meaning "to drink". We make drinking tea to an unforgettable  experience full of pleasure.

The NOMU teas

Our partner, the Teewerk (CH-BIO-004), gives us the security of being able to offer a flawless product. In addition, the Teewerk supports us with a lot of experience in production and sustainability.

We attach great importance to natural products without artificial additives. We are convinced that this is beneficial to health and supports a positive lifestyle. 
Furthermore, we pack all our products with great care by hand in our workshop in Wollishofen. 

Your order will be put together personally for you!


Herbal tea blend OKIRO, without artificial flavors, BIO

OKIRO comes from Japanese and means "to wake up". This tea is best suited for the morning.

Ingredients: Mate, Green Tea, Ginseng, Ginger, Verveine, Tulsi, Lemongrass
Preparation: 1-2 tsp/cup, infusion time 7 min.
Quantity: 40g


Herbal tea blend SEI, without artificial flavors, BIO
SEI comes from Japanese and means "to refuel energy". This tea blend is perfect for a boost throughout the day or after a meal.

Nettle, Moringa, Dandelion Root, Nana Mint, Greek Mountain Tea
Preparation: 1-2 tsp/cup, infusion time 7 min.
Quantity: 40g


Herbal tea blend ZEN, without artificial flavors, BIO

ZEN comes from Japanese and means "inner peace". This combination has a very relaxing effect and is perfect for evening rest.

Ingredients: California Poppy, Lemon Balm, Ashwaganda, Lavender, Oats, Cornflower
Preparation: 1-2 tsp/cup, infusion time 7 min.
Quantity: 40g


Herbal tea blend KOI, without artificial flavors, BIO

KOI comes from Japanese and has the meaning "long life". Rose root can improve mood and physical performance.

Ingredients: Rose root, aronia berries,
Preparation: 1 tsp/cup, infusion time 10 min.
Quantity: 40g


We pack your NOMU tees ourselves in Zurich!

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Our teas are also available in 100% compostable refills!

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NOMU was inspired by the Japanese tea culture!

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